Trekking Cap Est: Maroantsetra – Antalaha - 8 Days

Day 1
Maroantsetra - Farankaraina

Breakfast at the hotel and then transfer to the port, once arrived, embarkation on

inboard boat motor. On the program: discovery of a typical river of this area, a green

and magnificent panorama full of rice fields, natural wetlands and indeed the daily

activities of the community. Carrying all the necessary equipment and clothing is required because we will be leaving the boat and begin the trek to the forest. Arrival

at the national rainforest of Farankaraina before lunch

We will have free afternoon at the camp site, and looking for the famous Aye-aye in

the evening before the dinner.

Camping, all in the package

Day 2
Farankaraina - Fizono

After an early breakfast, we will start our tour trek by passing through villages and

observing at the same time the daily activities of the Masoala inhabitants. Many other things also will attract and may catch your eyes along the way, such as: a great

variety of landscapes, a beautiful sea resort and lush forests, vast plain full of rice

fields. etc… We will be walking on about 20km of easy track a day; however, there

should be puddles of water or muddy areas during the rain seasons.

Camping, all in the package

Day 3
Fizono – Ambatoledama - Ampokafo

After a breakfast at the camping site, we will continue our trekking. Today, we will

be going on a walking tour of 33km. This long walk will provide some of the best panoramic views of the rice fields and the villages along the way towards Ankaviabe. We are passing through an ecological corridor linking the Andrakaraka and the Masoala rainforests. The track has a lot of ups and downhills on a variety of terrain during around 3h with some rivers to cross and muddy areas during the rain


Camping, all in the package

Day 4
Ampokafo - Tsararapaka

After a breakfast at the camping site, we are leaving for a 16km of walk with an intense downhill from 855 meters downwards to 290 meters. This will be the most

difficult day of the adventure: passing through a secondary forest in the morning and

the native forest in the afternoon.

Camping, all in the package

Day 5
Tsararapaka - Bezono

Breakfast at the camping site, today, we will walk through the primary forests, rivers

all day long. We will have also an opportunity to enjoy a great waterfall of Bevontsira.

We will arrive at the camping site in the afternoon.

Camping, all in the package

Day 6
Bezono - Ambalavy

Breakfast at the camping site, we will be continuing to enjoy beautiful landscapes along these lush magnificent primary and secondary forests at the edge of the valley

on the both sides of the river.

Camping, all in the package

Day 7
Ambalavy - Cap Est

Breakfast at the camping site, an ultimate effort before undertaking the last leg of the

voyage with around 02 hours of walk and finish the last segment of the day by pirogue, and this will take us around 3h30 on the river. Be careful, the river has


Camping, all in the package

Day 8
Cap Est – Antalaha

Breakfast at the camping site and the last walk will lead us until the place where

we're taking the car to Marojejy.

Rate includes

  • Organization, Management of the entire tour and all required expenses related to the tour
  • 14 meals and 7 breakfast per person,
  • 7 Overnight camping in a tent, tents renting, sleeping bags, pillows and mattresses
  • 1,5 L mineral water per person and per day
  • Camping fees: Ecotax for village inhabitants
  • National park entrance, 1 ticket ANGAP per pax
  • Every day guide fees during 7 day
  • Cook remunerations
  • Carrier remunerations (3 per person, 1 carrier for each 15kg of personal luggage maximum)
  • Pirogue transportations
  • Car transfer from Cap Est to Antalaha
  • Personnel fees in Antalaha
  • Boat motor transfer from Andranofotsy to Maroantsetra

Rate doesn't include

  • Unstated services herein the program, drinks; expenses from Maroantsetra to Antalaha before and after the circuit: welcoming at the airport, taxis, hotel restaurants in downtowns.

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